Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mau cakap english? Boleh bah..

Okay, so we get this question a few times now. Do you speak english? can you speak english? I know our blog is in Malay, our FB fanpage is in Malay, but that doesn't mean we can't speak english :)

Many of our (potential) customers prefer english, but when they read our blog and it's in Malay, they seem hesitant to sms or give us a call for fear that they can't communicate with us. Don't worry, just pick up your phone and fire away your question(s). We can understand you.

So, why are using Malay here at our blog? English seems better and we can get higher pagerank in google if we use english. We can also get on top of google search engine results. So why? Because Bahasa Melayu is our "Bahasa Kebangsaan". That is why. And we feel we can express our thoughts better in Malay. 

I am writing this in english just to show that yes, we speak english and yes we can understand you. So if you need to rent a car here in Tawau, don't hesistate even for a minute to give us that call (or sms).  We're ready to answer your call and we're ready to give you the best service in Tawau :)

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